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Property News 8 min read

12 Changes You Can Expect in 2022: New Landlord Rules & Regulations for Buy-to-Lets

Reading Time: 8 minutes New landlord rules and announcements are on the cards for 2022. Tax changes, licensing for short-term Scottish lets and amended rules for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are confirmed – […]

Helen Davis

Landlord Advice Tenant Advice 5 min read

Landlord And Tenant Advice – Frequently Asked Questions When Renting Part 2

Reading Time: 5 minutes Landlord and tenant advice is something we give out on a daily basis. The lettings process can be confusing at times so it’s understandable that landlords and tenants often have many […]

Katie Todd

Rental Process 9 min read

Deposit Protection Schemes – What Landlords and Tenants Should Know About Tenancy Deposits in 2022

Reading Time: 9 minutes Deposit protection schemes are a tricky topic for landlords and tenants. Since the Tenant Fee Ban, the legalities of tenancy deposits have caused confusion. Where should they be kept? How […]

Natalie Deakin

Tenant Advice 4 min read

Taking Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Seriously

Reading Time: 4 minutes Property cleanliness (or lack of) is the main cause of deposit disputes between landlords and tenants – yet can easily be avoided with a good and proper end of tenancy […]

Shannon Hall

Landlord Advice 9 min read

Renting Jargon – 50 Lettings Definitions for Landlords and Tenants in 2022

Reading Time: 9 minutes Residential lettings can be confusing. With over 160 laws and regulations related to renting, there’s a lot of complicated jargon thrown around. Landlords and tenants can not be expected to […]

Shannon Hall

Rental Process 8 min read

Landlords – Don’t be a Victim of Changes to Tenancy Deposit Protection Legislation

Reading Time: 8 minutes I have chosen to make this the subject of my first article in the series for two reasons namely, many Landlords are unaware of the changes to Tenancy Deposit legislation […]

Mary Latham

Tenant Advice 2 min read

The Importance of Tenant’s Insurance

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you live in rented accommodation, there is a good chance that your landlord will have insurance in place. This insurance, usually Building and Contents Insurance, will cover serious damage […]

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